Cool Britannia Festival 2018

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Designed, produced and rigged by Shhh!

Shhh! Event Decor supply flags, hammocks, fireposts and site decor to festivals, weddings and other celebrations. We specialise in functional site decoration, creating beautiful, useful spaces for people to enjoy. We like to work with organisers to create the perfect ambience for their event.

Why not get in touch today and start towards an unforgettable package of delight that will make your event stand out? You’ll bring back the audience who’ve discovered it, and loved it, year after year.

We’re always developing new designs and structures to make sure that events that work with Shhh! stay on the leading edge of festival loveliness.

25 years of years of experience of event management spiced with inspirational visits to some of the worlds most creative cultural hotspots, lie behind the design and construction of our decor. Extensive experience of rigging it in different locations in the UK and Europe power it’s continual evolution.

If you’ve got a particular theme or ambience you’d like to develop, or an idea you’d like to kick around, drop us an outline by email with a rough idea of a budget range. We may be just what you needed, if not we may know someone who is.

Andy’s flags were one of the most talked about parts of our festival

— The Pitball Festival Organisers