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Shhh! Décor are based in gorgeous West Dorset but spend the summer working festivals supplying flags and beautiful installations. Autumn we ruminate in sheds and then in winter we migrate to Bali to hatch decor ideas in the warmth of Balinese creativity.  We love doing what we do, know lovely capable creative all over this beautiful planet and are always worth a ring if you want to discuss an idea with a budget behind it  :-)

We can supply uplifting gorgeousness from our massive existing flag hire stock  or we can work with your team to stretch the boundaries of sky painting.

In addition to flags we supply hammock  flowers, fireposts, bamboo beach huts and all manner of beautiful, functional festival decoration.

Shhh! Flag hire crew at Glastonbury - long ago in different galaxy

Apologies to Iwo Jima

Telephone: 07708 299635

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Better to rig a hammock than lie on the ground

— Eleanor Rooselveldt’s sister