Fire –  loved by humans since we climbed down from the trees. Our magnificent sculptural fireposts create a warm social space that people are instinctively drawn to.

Originally developed in Scandinavia as cooking fires on ice lakes – the fire doesn’t make contact with the ground and drops very few embers, a real plus for fire at public events.

Fireposts are rapidly becoming the signature of festivals and celebrations that care about their guests. Once lit the fireposts burn for 4-12 hours depending on size, type of wood  and the wind. As they burn they create beautiful sculptural forms of mesmerizing, flickering flame, providing welcoming warmth and conviviality on English summer evenings.

We can supply fireposts from 4ft to 10ft in a variety of different timbers. Our standard  posts are 5ft and burn from dark to until first light. They are the ultimate birthday candle for a big celebration.


The fireposts have now been burnt at numerous festivals and public events with fire officer and health and safety approval, and without incident. Other than lots of smiling,  marshmallow toasting,  delighted gazing, thawed chattering and hand warming, amongst a general hubbub of warm, happy chatter.