We have a large selection of brightly coloured 3m x 1m banners available for hire. These flags are ideal for adding uplifting colour and defining the boundaries of a particular area.

We charge £25 for a standard 3m x 1m flag and £35 for larger 330cm x 175cm flags. For this fee, plus fuel at 65ppm from West Dorset we come and rig the flags from our ever expanding palette of silky gorgeousness. We generally have a minimum order for this service of £450 plus fuel.  However, we are happy to be flexible on this for locals.

The larger flags are the newer designs and embody what we’ve learnt over the past 10 years  working with designers from Santiago to Scotland. Current ranges include: Patisserie de la Bordello, Gone Tropo, Oh! Pascale, 50 shades of colour and Gay as Guinness.

Pictures will appear on the Facebook page and may make it onto this clunky website should life ever get dull enough or the internet cavalry arrive…

I can’t remember how or when Andy Hawthorne contacted me about his various flags, but I’m so glad he did because they added an amazing amount of colour and fun to so many of the North Devon Festival events throughout the entire month of June.

— Alan Dodd, North Devon Theatre Trust